Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Top 11: Operating Rubbertoe Style

Much like Rubbertoe last week, I am operating a bit in the dark.  I was unable to watch the show and the damned thing didn't record.  So, I had to go and listen to the studio versions of the Elton John songs our Top 11 performed last night.  I realize that these recordings are definitely not the same as listening to them live, but it's the best I can do.  So, I listened and tried to envision how good or how bad they came across on stage.  So, here are my rankings . . .

1. Pia
2. Casey
3. James
4. Scotty
5. Paul
6. Lauren
7. Haley
8. Stefano
10. Thia
11. Naima

Therefore, according to my flawed listening, my bottom 3 is Jacob, Thia and Naima . . . however, here is what I am GUESSING America's bottom 3 will be . . .

Thia, Naima, and Stefano. . . assuming they do a traditional bottom 3.  Since two are going home, my picks are Naima and Stefano. 

We shall see if, being almost blind, I have any inkling of what America will do.